The T.C. Rot-Weiss Sindorf e.V. celebrated in 2010 its 40th anniversary. The highlight of the anniversary was a large-scale summer party on the club grounds with attractive performances.

The development of the club in 40 years has been associated with many successes as well as hard work, both in sports and in society. The foundation of T.C. Rot-Weiss Sindorf e.V. took place on 21.10.2070 in 2 rented places – a modest but courageous beginning. The first big goal was achieved in 1978- a private facility with 5 seats.The clubhouse was added in 1982- the tennis boom made it possible.

In 1995, 2 more places could promote the game operation. The T.C. Rot-Weiss Sindorf has over 7 places available in a beautiful, undisturbed park . The cozy clubhouse with its excellent hospitality covers the wishes of the members to the fullest satisfaction. Surely it is also the reason, that the number of members could be kept fairly constant at about 220 in recent years.

Right from the beginning, the club has recognized and implemented the importance of youth work. The club will continue to invest heavily in this area for coaches and players in the coming years. In the jubilee year, 13 teams took part in the competition of the association. In addition to the performance-oriented players – up to the association league – there are a large number of hobby players, in which the sporting encounter corresponds to the the social one.

The development in the 40 years has made the T. C. Rot-Weiss Sindorf quite proud, but not so proud that he would not know how important new members would be. New ideas, new initiatives of which the club lives.

The T. C. Rot – Weiss Sindorf is constantly promoting tennis, a work that is positively supported by all members.

Interested parties can contact us, email: tcsindorf@yahoo.de